POST CONFERENCE WORKSHOP : 6 December 2017,9am - 5pm

Next level Emotional Intelligence: Being a More Mindful and Emotionally Resilient Leader 
Mindfulness is essential to managing emotions. Effective emotional regulation positively influences every facet of life and career and it helps develop other emotional intelligence skills such as social awareness or social skills. 
In this workshop you will take your emotional intelligence to the next level and develop skills to manage emotions and emotional reactions successfully and you will learn how to develop emotional resilience when stress and anxiety operate at their highest.
You will also explore your different emotional states, what impacts them and how to manage them. This will provide the opportunity to develop higher self-awareness and appreciate its benefit for being more present in the moment
The session will also present the benefits of mindfulness for building rapport, connecting and communicating respectfully to bring about true understanding and mutual benefits for all parties involved which will help in conducting difficult conversations, negotiating and influencing others.
The presented approach and techniques can be utilized in managing day-to-day emotions, communication and relationships at both personal and professional level.  

Key Learning Objectives
  • Understand mindfulness and its benefits 
  • Improve productivity and performance   
  • Learn how to stay focused for longer 
  • Gain clarity about current and future situations 
  • Learn how to manage negative thoughts 
  • Learn how to turn power and control into positive 
  • Apply mindfulness techniques to deal with stress, manage emotions and communicate more effectively 
  • Decreased stress and anxiety 
Session 1
  • Self-Regulation and Introduction to Mindfulness 
  • Self-regulation vs. other pillars of Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional reaction vs. response
  • Triggers, their origin and effect 
  • Self-talk – how to manage it?
Session 2
  • Mindful Relationships and Communication  
  • The benefits of mindfulness beyond self-regulation 
  • Applying mindfulness in relationship building 
  • Communicating effectively using mindfulness 
  • Conflict resolution and difficult conversations 
Session 3
  • Self-Awareness: using mindfulness to be empowered, not powerful
  • Understanding power and control and their origin 
  • Negative thoughts 
  • Influencing and empowering self and others 
  • Self awareness and mindfulness – how they benefit each other  
Session 4
  • Making it work for you 
  • Your mindfulness techniques and regular practice 
  • Creating a daily routine that works 
  • Accountability and Action Plan 
  • Daily reminders 

Workshop Leader:
Kasia Orlowska-Meinen,
Leadership Trainer and Executive Coach,
Life Design Programs
Kasia Orlowska-Meinen is a facilitator of leadership development and executive coach working with corporate and public sector clients in Australia and internationally since 2009. 
She has designed and facilitated training focused on leadership skills development, employee engagement and higher performance. Her programs have covered emotional intelligence development, resilience training, authentic leadership, effective communication skills including handling difficult conversations and influencing and persuading skills as well as strategic and engagement planning sessions. 
In the majority of her programs, Kasia emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and mindfulness as the foundations for better leadership and communication skills. She demonstrates that self-awareness and self-regulation (amongst other emotional intelligence skills) enable decision-making, conducting difficult conversations, negotiating and persuading. 
Kasia has incorporated mindfulness in her regular executive coaching and training sessions and was featured in ABC TV's Australia Wide story on the benefits of teaching mindfulness and meditation in a corporate environment for leadership and personal development. 
Prior to her current training and coaching engagements, Kasia worked as a Trade and Investment Manager for Education at Western Australian Government Office in London where she utilised her international and business development experience promoting Western Australian Universities across Europe. 

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